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About Outloud

As children of 50's and 60's, we evolved wide eyed and innocent, and then jumped with bold enthusiasm and both feet into the madness that was the 70’s.  We embraced the relentless optimism and ever increasing velocity of change in the 80’s.  In the 90’s we came to embrace self-righteousness and politics, formed strong opinions and begrudgingly increasing responsibility.  In the 2000’s we finally wrapped our head around adulthood, the changing technological and social paradigms of modern life and looked toward the future with a little less enthusiasm and a considerably more trepidation.

Now, well into the 21st century and our “middle years”, we have stoically become that “OLD GUY” possessed of that inalienable right to quickly judge, everything, all the time, and ….quite often inaccurately.  We make a sport out of sarcasm, quick wit and cynicism aimed at everything or anyone. Card carrying members of the equal opportunity offenders club.

We take life as it comes now, holding a more opaque view of the future with little or no hope for the younger generations, we stand united by shared experiences, sometimes impassive, always outspoken and sadly, getting older every day.

We have things to say, so we say it Outloud with our T-Shirts. Have something to say? Join us,...say it, OUTLOUD!

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